There are many businesses that offer the same services we do however, there is NONE LIKE OURS in terms of our policies and our provisional basics of moral, sensible and timely applications! What does that mean?  Simply, we will do the BEST job in the MOST EFFICIENT manner with the GREATEST ATTITUDE and DEEPEST RESPECT for you and your home/business!  Our PRIMARY GOAL is to SERVE YOU where you need it the most with respect to the upkeep and maintenance and care of your most prized environment..we call it your kingdom!  It encompasses where you sleep, eat, work, share time with loved ones (pets too!) and ultimately anywhere your foot treads is under your ‘rule’ and so it is considered a part of your kingdom!

Kingdom Services encompasses several areas of home and business care including cleaning, home watch, pet sitting, land maintenance and personal services all in an effort to serve our clients with the gift of quality care with true levels of trust, integrity and honor!  You can see our current list of services here and we will update as the range broadens with our explosive growth!

We are currently undergoing the necessary expansion of the company and are currently enlisting new service providers to join our team of loyal subjects! 

As our client please know that you will get the UTMOST QUALITY care and at this time we thank you for your understanding while some of our services are being perfected with just the right staffing and tools necessary to offer the perfect solution for your kingdoms needs!

During this transition and growth please bear with us as we continually update and improve our services, our resources, our staff and our website!  We truly appreciate your patience as we move through this exciting expansion and growth!!

Kingdom Services is a newly reformatted business that is branching off of a reputable private owned company that has been proudly serving Naples for 7 years.  Established just this year, Kingdom Services, LLC is owned and managed by Kristin Miceli, formerly of Kleen Freaks Cleaning.  Kristin’s clientele list has grown and the company is now undergoing extensive branding and service enhancements to expand and renew in order to better accommodate the needs of her customers…. whom she always treats like royalty!

With new staff and equipment in place, fresh incentive and business goals in sight, Kingdom Services is prepared to outperform its competition with a serving heart and a professional demeanor.  As we continue to grow and improve, we welcome your comments, questions, input and most of all, we welcome your business!!

Please browse our site and check out our ever growing list of services and provisions!